Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Let Us Have The Evidence

The Derry Journal asks where is the evidence that the IRA was involved in the bank robbery in the north of Ireland:

Hugh Orde's assessment that the IRA were behind the Northern Bank robbery has major implications for the future of the political process here.

And the Taosieach's assertion that the political leadership of Sinn Fein knew about the plans for the robbery has added fuel to the fire.

What in effect Mr. Ahern is saying is that he is calling into question the integrity of Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams who he is accusing of engaging in negotiations while being aware that the IRA were planning a major robbery.

While there is a lot of finger pointing in the IRA's direction it has to be said that not one shred of evidence has been produced so far to show that the IRA was behind it.

The newspaper also points out that Orde's actions have not always been politically pure:

Hugh Orde took office promising not to be a political policeman but he has intervened in the political process at times that a cynic may say suited the interests of the unionists.

The much publicised raid on Stormont came just as Trimble was under intense pressure and saved the unionist leader from having to pull out of an Executive that was working.

Does Mr. Orde expect us to believe that this raid was so necessary when all they took was a disc or two.

Then the present intervention came as the DUP were under pressure to make a deal - pressure that has now evaporated.


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