Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Scotland and immigrants

Apparently immigration to Scotland is doing little to reverse its population decline:

MORE immigrants come to Scotland from the United States than any other overseas country, a new study revealed today.

Americans accounted for ten per cent of the overseas immigrants identified north of the Border.

About one-third of people who move to Scotland settle in Edinburgh and the Lothians, according to census figures.

But statistics also showed the influx of foreigners was having little impact on tackling Scotland’s falling population.

Officials have predicted that the country’s population of 5.05 million could fall to 4.84m by 2009.

It is a pity that the Scots don't try to entice the British colonists from the north of Ireland to move to Scotland. Many of these colonists are descended from Scots who came to the north of Ireland during the Ulster Plantation and so would be returning to the land of their ancestors by migrating to Scotland.


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