Tuesday, March 22, 2005

No firm proof that seized cash came from bank heist

Bank heist:
NONE of the Northern Irish currency seized in cross border raids on an IRA money laundering operation has yet been positively confirmed as coming from the multi-million pound Northern Bank heist, security sources have said.

Nearly £3m (€4.3m) was confiscated last month by gardai in swoops on Dublin and Cork.

The operation formed part of an offensive against a massive cash racket being run by the Provisionals.

Since then pressure has been on police on both sides of the border to confirm whether the money formed part of the £26.5m (€38m) haul stolen from the Northern's Belfast HQ.

Although senior officers have stated they were investigating links between the robbery and the money laundering scam, security sources close to the inquiry said last night that detectives have yet to prove beyond doubt the notes seized in the Republic came from the Northern Bank robbery.

It is amazing that Orde, Blair and Ahern have the nerve to blame the Provisional IRA for the Northern Bank robbery when they can't produce any hard evidence to prove it.


At 3:34 PM, Blogger Chris Gaskin said...

They can't produce any because there is none.


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