Wednesday, April 13, 2005

DUP man says 'Irish' should be dropped from Lions title

Ireland On-Line:

A DUP councillor from Belfast has complained about the inclusion of the word 'Irish' in the name of the British and Irish Lions rugby team.

Nelson McCausland said he had written to the rugby authorities to express his unease at what he described as "political correctness run amok".

He said the team had for decades been known as the British Lions, but the name appeared to have changed in recent years to include the word 'Irish'.

He said the team was drawn from the British Isles and should be known only as the British Lions, despite the fact that 11 of this year's squad are Irishmen.

Just when you thought that the British colonists in the Six Counties couldn't get any pettier they somehow manage to find a way to reach even new lows.


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