Thursday, April 28, 2005

Is Sinn Fein too sympathetic to the McCartney family?

Dan McGinn:

GERRY Adams was harangued in a republican area of Belfast while canvassing in the UK general election because of his stance on the murder of father-of-two Robert McCartney, it was claimed yesterday.

Sources said the Sinn Fein president and former Belfast mayor Alex Maskey faced criticism from some people in the south of the city for supporting the McCartney family's demand for justice.

The confrontation took place in the Markets area, near the street where the 33-year-old forklift driver was brutally stabbed and beaten.

A man who claimed to have witnessed the events said: "Gerry Adams and Alex Maskey were confronted and barracked by several people about the stand they have taken.

"It was hot and heavy. The exchange of views was frank."

A party spokesman refused to comment on the reports of the confrontation.

Catherine McCartney responded cautiously to the reports. She said: "If people are criticising Sinn Fein for supporting the family, I have to say we have some criticism of how the party handled this too. They did not act quickly enough, decisively enough or efficiently against members.

Catherine McCartney really does live in a world of her own. Sinn Fein are being criticized for being too sympathetic to her family and yet she seems to think that Nationalists are siding with her family and against Sinn Fein. It is about time that Catherine McCartney and her sisters realize that they blew it big time with their pro-British/anti-Sinn Fein trip to the United States.

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