Thursday, May 19, 2005

PUP chief says LVF killed Lisa

Colm Heatley:

Lisa Dorrian's family making a fresh appeal for someone to give information about the whateabouts of her body. She went missing over two months ago pictured is her mother Patrisha

The leader of the PUP says he “can’t work out” why the PSNI was prepared to indulge in speculation about IRA involvement in Robert McCartney’s murder but dismissed speculation that the LVF killed Lisa Dorrian.

David Ervine said it was “beyond doubt” that the LVF killed Lisa Dorrian, who disappeared from a party in a caravan park in Ballyhalbert, Co Down, on February 28.

Since her disappearance the PSNI have described speculation that the LVF was behind the killing as “unhelpful”.

“I can’t work out why police said speculation about Lisa’s killers was bad.

“It didn’t seem to be too unhelpful with the McCartney murder,” he said.

Mr Ervine also said that there had been a lack of media focus on Lisa’s murder.

“There has been a lack of focus on Lisa Dorrian while there was focus on other happenings at the time.

“That is sad if you are a member of the Dorrian family.”

Meanwhile, the mother of the murdered woman dismissed earlier press reports that she wanted to meet with loyalist paramilitaries.

“That is untrue. I never said that and I would never meet with loyalist paramilitaries.

“I would meet with the Loyalist Commission because they are removed from the paramilitaries,” said Pat Dorrian.

She also said that despite this week’s renewed media interest in her daughter’s murder she felt as though Lisa’s plight had disappeared from “the face of the earth”.

“The media could have done more".

“There was a good few weeks that nobody bothered about us at all".

“It was as if Lisa had disappeared off the face of the earth, that’s why we set up an appeal fund".

“I would call on the media to do much more to help".

“Even in England, where Lisa was born, there has been hardly a shred of coverage about her murder,” she said.

The family have offered a £10,000 (€14,500) reward for information leading to the recovery of the body.

Local DUP MLA, Peter Weir, said that, while he condemned the murder, he wouldn’t speculate on whether or not the LVF is responsible.

“I would appeal for anyone with any information to come forward and give that information.

“I don’t want to prejudge these matters,” he said.

Newly elected South Belfast SDLP MP, Alisdair McDonnell, who helped organise the McCartney family’s trip to Washington on St Patrick’s Day, refused to comment on the Dorrian case.

Of course going after the murderers of Lisa Dorrian doesn't help the cause of British colonialism in the north of Ireland. This is why both the SDLP and the McCartney sisters should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the British to use them as lackeys.


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