Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Further decline of the Ulster Unionist party

Alistair Bushe:

A prominent Ulster Unionist councillor dealt another blow last night to the beleaguered party by announcing that he is defecting to the DUP.

Robert McIlroy of Moyle, who is a senior Orangeman, sounded a grim warning to former UUP colleagues, claiming that the party had lost its way and had failed to give leadership to the unionist people.

With the Ulster Unionist leadership election less than a week away, DUP sources predicted further defections over the s summer.

As he confirmed what will be a blow to the new UUP leader, Bushmills representative Mr McIlroy said that the DUP was the only party "fighting the unionist corner".

As British colonists continue to consolidate around the DUP it will become increasingly important for indigenous Irish Catholic voters to ask themselves if they can afford the luxury of two political parties?


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