Monday, August 22, 2005

Combat 18 threaten MLA

Daily Ireland:

A Co Derry politician has been threatened by the right-wing Combat 18 group, it emerged yesterday.

East Derry SDLP Assemblyman John Dallat has confirmed that police are investigating a threat made against him by the neo-Nazi group aligned to loyalists in the Coleraine and Bushmills areas.

Mr Dallat said: “Clearly any threat made by this sinister group must be taken seriously. This practice is deeply distressing to my staff but it won’t deter me from speaking out against hate-mongers and insisting that their racist fly posters are removed from property as soon as they appear.

“Recently I condemned the appearance of a number of neo-Nazi stickers which appeared on the property of Catholics in Garvagh announcing that ‘Combat 18 is back’. Presumably that is the reason why threats have been made to torch my office or home.

“Previous campaigns to launch Combat 18 and other racist groups in the Coleraine area failed and I am determined that any future attempt will equally fail.

“The SDLP has a proud record of standing out against all forms of violence whether it is racist, sectarian or political and will continue to do so and certainly won’t be deterred by this kind of intimidation which only serves to illustrate how cowardly they really are.”

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