Monday, August 08, 2005

Sisters Skeptical About IRA Disarmament

Ron DePasquale:

As the prime ministers of Britain and Ireland lauded the Irish Republican Army's pledge last week to disarm, the family of a Belfast Catholic killed by IRA members was not celebrating.

The campaign by Robert McCartney's five sisters against the IRA, and the international condemnation of his slaying, accelerated the IRA's disarmament decision, analysts say. But the McCartneys, who met with President Bush on St. Patrick's Day, remain skeptical about the group's promise to become solely political, said Paula McCartney.

"I'd like to believe them, but does this now mean that if the IRA murders someone, they'll be subject to the rule of law?" she said.

Of course, when she says "rule of law" she is talking about British law which is just further evidence that the McCartneys are nothing more than a bunch of unionists. No wonder they alienated all their neigbours in the Short Strand.


At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bullshit comment and you know it. you really don't like people who complain when their family are killed do you?


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