Friday, September 16, 2005

Dodd’s double standards

Ciarán Barnes:

Democratic Unionist Party MP, Nigel Dodds, has been taken to task over comments he made following nationalist rioting in Ardoyne in comparison to the comments he made in the wake of this week’s loyalist violence.

After serious trouble in Ardoyne following a July 12 Orange Order parade Mr Dodds described rioters as “deplorable”.

He said: “The scenes of intense violence which has left so many police officers and members of the press injured are a scandal and a disgrace.

Mr Dodds also said the throwing of blast bombs by the Continuity IRA “clearly demonstrates premeditated, organised violence on the part of republican paramilitaries”.

During the riot in Ardoyne nine explosive devices were thrown at the PSNI along with scores of petrol bombs.

Recent loyalist violence saw paramilitaries open fire on the PSNI, throw hundreds of blast, pipe and petrol bombs and hijack scores of vehicles.

Although condemning the violence Mr Dodds did not make specific reference to loyalist paramilitaries.

The North Belfast MP said: “Having endured so much at the hands of republicans over a very sustained period, the community does not deserve to have this type of violence inflicted upon it from within.

“I would urge people not to become involved in street violence since it is leaving in its wake a trail of destruction, putting local people in fear and setting back the regeneration of the area.”

North Belfast Sinn Féin councillor Margaret McCleneghan said Mr Dodds’ comments highlighted unionist double standards.

She said: “It is time that all unionist political leaders, Ian Paisley, Reg Empey, Nigel Dodds, began to show leadership on the issue of loyalist violence.

“The public message seems to be that there is an acceptable level of loyalist violence, particularly if it is only nationalists and working class Protestant communities that are suffering.”

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