Tuesday, September 27, 2005

General John de Chastelain will not see loyalists decommission if "he lives to be 208", a prominent loyalist has said

BBC News:

The general said he was satisfied the IRA had given up all its weapons, and said he hoped loyalists would as well.

Sammy Duddy, a member of the Ulster Political Research Group - which advises the UDA, said loyalists would not follow the IRA's lead.

"The general has no chance of seeing that achieved. Should he live to be 208, he'll never see it," he said.

"He's living in cloud-cuckoo-land if he thinks the loyalists are going to decommission and do what the IRA's doing.

Of course, the British and Irish governments - along with the media - will ignore the ongoing violence from the British colonial population in the Six Counties as they try to think up more excuses to isolate Sinn Fein.

Rioting subsides after five days


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