Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Marching towards end of partition

Daily Ireland:

In recent times justice minister Michael McDowell has joined the chorus of the various parties in proclaiming his republican credentials on several occasions.

Now he appears to have gone somewhat further and declared the reunification is inevitable at some time in the not too distant future.

Republicans will no doubt be reassured by Mr McDowell’s prediction, as they have been certain of the same outcome for quite some time, and been working hard to make sure this inevitable step is taken sooner rather than later.

Republicans and nationalists will also be pleased to see all the different parties in the South finally coming to the same conclusion, despite some suspicions about their motivations for doing so.

Rather than disparage them for their movement on the issue, Sinn Féin has welcomed each step on the road to enlightenment from all the parties and the public statements in support of that goal.

The party realises that despite its differences and the electoral motives behind such moves, a broad consensus being communicated to the electorate by all shades of political opinion can only help to speed the end of partition and lead to a fairer and more just society here for all the people of the island.

If Mr McDowell says he supports the idea, who are we to doubt him?

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