Wednesday, December 21, 2005

More anti-republican nonsense from the McCartney sisters

Brian Walker:

THE McCartney sisters have urged Tony Blair to challenge Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness to reveal what they're doing to bring their brother Robert's murderers to justice.

Almost a year since Robert McCartney was stabbed to death outside Magennis's bar in May Street, two of his sisters, Catherine and Paula, accompanied by their friend Sinead Commander, spent half an hour with the Prime Minister.

As Catherine put it afterwards standing beside the No 10 Christmas tree, the first aim was to persuade the Prime Minister to put real pressure on Sinn Fein to break down the wall of silence.

And two, "to dispel the notion that the people involved were rogue elements of the IRA or dissidents. They weren't. They are people very much embraced by republicanism."

The long road to Downing Street took in a handshake at the White House from President Bush on St Patrick's Day and a second visit to Washington last month, an appearance at the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis, visits to the European Parliament and to the Taoiseach and many awards.

The IRA already told the sisters who killed their brother and even offered to execute the killers for them. If that is what the sisters consider being "embraced by republicanism" then I am sure that it is an embrace that most of us can do without. The sisters seem to be unable to accept the fact that their fifteen minutes of fame are over and will do anything to try to prolong it.


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