Thursday, June 15, 2006

Ireland's GDP per inhabitant in 2005 was nearly 40% above EU25 average

Finfacts Team:

Nowcasts (short-term assessments) of purchasing power parities1 (PPP) for 2005 are now available for the European Union Member Countries. Based on these nowcasts, GDP per inhabitant2 in Luxembourg3 (partly due to the large share of cross-border workers in total employment) was more than twice the EU25 average in 2005.

Ireland was nearly 40% above average (Ireland's figures are partly boosted by the strong multinational presence), while Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and Belgium were around 20% above average. The United Kingdom and Sweden were 15% above average, and Finland, Germany and France about 10% above average. Italy and Spain were around the EU25 average.

Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia were about 20% below average. The Czech Republic, Portugal and Malta were around 30% below average, and Hungary and Estonia about 40% below. Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland and Latvia were around half the EU25 average.

These figures for GDP per inhabitant, expressed in terms of purchasing power standards4 (PPS), are published by Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

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