Monday, February 07, 2005

Scotland's shrinking population

The population of Scotland continues to decline:

More babies are being born in Scotland but the population is still set to dwindle, according to the Scottish Executive's official figures.

A total of 53,954 babies were born last year, nearly 3% more than in 2003 and the highest number since 1999.

Of the new arrivals, 27,768 were boys and 26,186 were girls.

Scotland's population is expected to drop below five million by 2017 but the executive plans to attract new people under the Fresh Talent initiative.

The latest figures were disclosed by Deputy Public Services Minister Tavish Scott in reply to a parliamentary question from Scottish National Party backbencher Stewart Stevenson.

Mr Scott said: "We have seen a gradual increase in the number of births since a low point in the first quarter of 2002.

"The figures for 2004 show that 1,500 more babies were born that year than in 2003.

"These figures are encouraging but overall population trends still indicate that Scotland will face an ageing and declining population in the long term."

The best way to solve Scotland's population problems is to transfer the British colonists in the north of Ireland to Scotland. That way both the problems of Ireland and Scotland could be solved at the same time.


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