Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Irish Catholic politician attacked by British loyalists

British loyalists once again show their opinion of Irish Catholics:

Loyalists stoned a Northern Ireland Assembly member at a bonfire site in Belfast, she revealed tonight.

Carmel Hanna, a nationalist SDLP MLA for the south of the city, was pelted as she arrived at the scene for a television interview on environmental concerns.

A shaken Mrs Hanna said: “I just heard the bricks hit the roof of my car, and one broke my wing mirror.

“There were heavy thuds and my car was the only thing that was hit. I had to drive out to get away.”

The attack happened at Shaw’s Bridge where loyalists have already begun gathering for the 11th night celebrations ahead of the annual July 12 bonfire celebrations.

I don't think the international news media will be making a big deal out of this event. They prefer to concentrate on Catholic acts of violence.


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