Wednesday, March 23, 2005

SDLP helped McCartney sisters

Now we can see who is funding the McCartney sisters:

A company part-owned by a senior SDLP figure reportedly helped arrange the McCartney family's visit to the United States last week.

The sisters and fiancee of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney undertook the visit as part of their campaign to have the 33-year-old's killers brought to justice.

Reports this morning claimed that the McCartneys' flights were booked by a travel agency part-owned by SDLP deputy leader Alisdair McDonnell, who authorised credit approval to pay for the flights.

The reports said another SDLP man also acted as an ad hoc press officer for the McCartneys while they were in Washington.

Until now, the SDLP had denied any involvement in the McCartney's campaign, which has led to a backlash against the party's main rival, Sinn FĂ©in.

Finally the truth starts to come out.

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