Monday, May 02, 2005

United Ireland inevitable?

Daily Ireland:

The former head of the RUC’s Special Branch has told Daily Ireland that a united Ireland is “inevitable”.

In an exclusive interview, Bill Lowry says that “when we come to a united Ireland there will have to be a new flag and a new anthem, whenever that happens, which I believe is inevitable”.

Deborah McAleese:

The DUP voiced amazement last night after a former RUC Special Branch chief said that what Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness are trying to do is "great".

Bill Lowry, who headed the anti-terror Special Branch in Belfast, also stated that a united Ireland, is "inevitable".

The comments were made in an interview with the pro-republican Daily Ireland newspaper. The former senior officer claimed that what Adams and McGuinness are trying to do is "terrific, very positive, great" and said that he deeply mistrusts the British Government.

He was also quoted as saying: "I wouldn't trust the British Government as far as I could throw them, and that's after working very closely with them."

His comments have astonished DUP supporters, who invited him to a meeting last year at which Ian Paisley famously said that the IRA should wear sackcloth and ashes. At that meeting, Mr Lowry said that if unionists lie down with "dogs" they will "rise with fleas".

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph after the newspaper interview, Mr Lowry confirmed that he had made the remarks.

Personally, I don't believe an united Ireland will come about until the British colonists are repatriated back to Britain.


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