Friday, June 17, 2011

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion: Britain Is More Germanic than It Thinks

From a recent Der Spiegel article:
Biologists at University College in London studied a segment of the Y chromosome that appears in almost all Danish and northern German men -- and is also surprisingly common in Great Britain. This suggests that a veritable flood of people must have once crossed the North Sea.

New isotope studies conducted in Anglo-Saxon cemeteries produced similar results. When chemists analyzed the tooth enamel and bones of skeletons, they found that about 20 percent of the dead were newcomers who had originated on mainland Europe.

Archeologist Heinrich Härke of the University of Reading has now come up with a quantitative estimate of the migratory movement. He suspects that "up to 200,000 emigrants" crossed the North Sea.

I think this proves beyond any reasonable doubt that the English are not indigenous to Britain.


At 5:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diarmid, I have always been sympathetic to the aims of Irish Republicanism (as opposed to Nationalism) as I am a Scottish Republican but I am also an Internationalist and anti-capitalism. You really have to widen your horizons mucker and drop all the racist, genetic bullshit. Time to grow up.The Irish like EVERYONE else on this planet are a mongrel people made up of some great folk and some scum. God knows Scotland has more than its fair share of ne'er do wells and miscreants. let's be honest: it can't all be blamed on the English!! Colonialism and its modern development, International Capitalism, are evils perpetuated for centuries by minorities of all nationalities. They treat their own people like shite too! There's only one Race and it's time to understand that and get to grips with the real problems facing us all: greed, inequality and exploitation. Forget all that romantic pish that you Nationalists go in for: it's utterly delusional.

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egads, it's like reading two schizophrenics. Listen my Gaelic cousin, I support your nationalism (as Marxist deride the term and Ulster aside), I support your genetic research (didn't know the Norman invasion was an issue), but honestly, your people chose a religion of oppression (Catholicism), and now an equally oppressive political ideology (Marxism) to combat the perceived transgressions against ye... Not good choice imho... OTOH, I'm gald to see my fellow anonymous commenter bring up International Capitalism as practiced by you Marxists! Please wake up and consider that you're dreamed of "equality" is forced/shared poverty to those self-same overlords. But by all means, do not by into this PC all races are the same bullplop... We are not the same as the Germanic tribes ...never forget


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