Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bush the hypocrite

A letter from Ireland on Bush's hypocrisy:

Sir - I find most hypocritical President George Bush's invitation to the McCartney sisters to the White House and his declaration of support for the family's quest for justice for their dead brother.

This is a man who launched a criminal and illegal war against Iraq in which over 100,000 people have been killed, including innocent men, women and children (even whole families have been wiped out).

Alas, we shall never hear of their names being mentioned in the White House or by the Western media, never mind receiving justice. The carnage in Iraq continues on a daily basis, with seemingly no end in sight.

It is also ironic that George Bush's preferred method of punishment while Governor of Texas isn't that far removed from the IRA's offer to shoot the people that murdered Robert McCartney. He presided over the execution of about 90 people in the electric chair while governor.

John O'Shea,
Bishopstown Drive,

Unfortunately, the global media were so focused on attacking the IRA that they didn't seem to be that concerned about Bush's own use of violence to further a political objective.


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