Wednesday, June 29, 2005

British justice fails once again

BBC News:

The mother of a man murdered by two soldiers in Belfast 13 years ago has vowed to fight on until his killers are thrown out of the Army.

Jean McBride's 18-year-old son Peter was shot dead by two Scots Guards in Belfast in 1992.

She was speaking at the High Court after losing a third legal action to force the Ministry of Defence to expel Mark Wright and James Fisher.

Mrs McBride said she now intended to take her case to the European Court.

"I don't think there is a judge in Northern Ireland with the bottle to stand up against the establishment, so it looks like we'll have to take our case to Europe," she said.

In June 2003, the Court of Appeal ruled by a 2-1 majority that the Army was wrong not to discharge the soldiers.

Instead, they made a legal declaration that the reasons adopted by the Army Board were not so exceptional as to permit the retention of the two soldiers.

Dismissing the case, Mr Justice Weir held that the decision to retain the soldiers remained effective even though the majority of judges found that there was no basis for it.

Wright and Fisher were sentenced to life for murder in 1995, but three years later were released from prison and allowed to rejoin their regiment.

At their trial, Wright and Fisher said they believed Peter McBride was carrying a bomb.

But the judge found they were lying as they had already stopped and searched him.

Once again the British "justice" system protects the murderers of indigenous Irish Catholics.


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